Vampires are a species that is heavily associated in folklore, fiction, and has many accusations to being true.

Types of Vampires

Contrary to popular belief, Vampires are not just bloodsuckers. There are many different types of Vampires portrayed throughout the ages.

General Weaknessess

Though each type of Vampire have different weaknessess, there are common ways to deafeat them shared among each type.

  • Sunlight - Sunlight affects any Vampire. It works differintly for each type, but still is used to kill one. If exposed to direct sunlight for to long, Vampires may wither, turn to dust, catch fire, or die all together.
  • Stakes - That kills everyone. But no crosses do NOT kill vampires. Some wear them to spite people, or because they are Christians.


  • Also Vamparism is not a mental disease, but who a person is born as.
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