Telepathy is loosely, the ability to psychically sense another's thoughts, or send your thoughts to them. Telepathy manifests itself in a variety of means, and is typically considered any means of communicating thoughts from one individual to another. Telepathy is generally divided into receptive and broadcast, or receiving and sending telepathy.

Receptive telepathy includes both the passive, ambient reception of natural telepaths as well as the aggressive extraction of information from others. It may or may not require the establishment of a energetic link.

Projective, or sending telepathy, is typically limited to the act of sending a message to a targeted individual. When the message is sent to a local area or region, this is called broadcasting. The intent of the broadcaster makes this distinct from the automatic broadcasting which virtually everyone does.

In some circles, telepathy is limited to purely transfer of active thoughts, however, in the wider general circle, telepathy includes transfer of all information from one mind to another, including thoughts, feelings, and other information. In this regard, empathy can be considered a subspecialization of telepathy.

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