Telekinesis (or TK for short) is [...].


Throughout history, people all over the world have claimed to have this gift. For over several years people have tried to demonstrate this phenomenon, unfortuneatly, usually in failure. Most people who claim to have this ability are trying to hoax people, but there are also a large number of people who honestly try to attempt it. Despite the hundreds of millions of people having agreements with telekinesis, it has never been proven in a scientific community of controlled conditions.


Telekinesis, a subdivision of psychokinesis, or just simply mind over matter, is immensely difficult or impossible to master, even for the people who claim to have it-- the telekineticists, or simply known as "teeks."There are all subconscious displays of telekinesis.

Getting conscious control over TK is a very difficult process even for people who claim they are natural-born teeks. People such as Uri Gellar are common (Gellar is a fraud). However, there has been a few teeks who display telekinetic powers only under hypnosis. While there are many websites devoted telekinesis and offer up exercises, these websites are often a waste of time for many people because the true mechanisms of telekinesis are not fully understood by the authors of those websites.

Teeks claim telekinesis is fundamentally simple. What teeks have believed is that most psychic abilities are linked to a particular brainwave frequency. That's the "secret" to telekinesis, teeks claim. Through hypnosis/self-hypnosis.

Staring intently at a small piece of straw and willing it to move will accomplish nothing for the vast majority, if not all, of people. It may however, seem successful after the window has been opened, or the central heating/cooling has been turned on.

One word of caution from teeks: once you become telekinetic, the gift will respond to your emotions and can cause trouble. It can also cause things to disappear and reappear elsewhere, or not turn up again at all. (see Teleportation). This cautionary principal should lend itself to the true mechanism by which psychokinetic phenomena are truly performed, in that it really has nothing to do with the brain. It is a matter of getting the brain out of the way of what is truly within.

Science behind truth

There are people out there who do have that sort of gift and have kept silent. For beginners, this is very difficult to do, and for the seasoned, it is as easy as texting. While isn't still accepted as a mainstream fact until clinical recurring tests are shown, it has proven to be a very powerful tool against stopping potential threats to the public as well as catching those tho have committed crimes.

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