This is an intermediate technique - it leads naturally from the basic and right into advanced material.

Psi-balls as Workings

Once you're comfortable with making Psi-Balls, you can move on to investing them with more than just coherence. By focusing on the ball and your intent, you can charge or invest the ball with a purpose.

In the past, I have typically used this technique for simple things, using very basic verbal foci (just a subject and a word to apply to it):

  • Me, unlost.
  • Keys, finding.
  • A promise, fulfillment.

I have also filled such balls with emotional energy, such as love, peace, righteousness, and released them at targets. Note that this can be construed by some as an attack, even if you use strictly pure white-light fillings.

By investing the ball of energy which you have gathered and coalesced, and by limiting your spell or Working to just that energy, you create a natural limit to the effects you can generate: once the ball is drained, the Working generally expires, leaving its effects behind.

Note that some things can and will last well beyond the life of your psi-ball, especially if you add in some way to acquire fresh energy for it. Be very careful of doing this; such things can become greedy if not well balanced!

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