Psychic abilities are abilities which allow the person who has them to sense or affect their environment via an unknown means of interaction. Typically this means abilities, methods, and results that are not redily apparent to the usual 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing). Psychic sensing has also been termed ESP (extrasensory perception), and a sixth sense.

Psionics is the deliberate use of psychic abilities. Such abilities as being a Switcher or a Phase switcher type of person.

The use of these types of abilities is not the same as Enchantment.

Psychic abilites are constantly used in a human's daily life.  For instance when we communicate, we may have one instance of consciousness during a 15 word statement.  This means that the rest of the statement was suppressed.  So, when communicate we are really telepathically recieving and responding to eachother's motive.  Thus talking consists of telepathic interactions in regards to eachother's motives. 

There is also a type of psychic abilities that involve archetypes in a collective unconscious.  For example, regardless of whether we heard the song "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" we know the lyrics because we are using our psychic abiliites to access the archetype of that song in a collective unconcious.  Another example of the psychic use of archetypes can be seen when people play "hide and seek".  Most popele don't need to hear the rules because they already know how to play because they used their psychic abilities to access the archetype of that game from the collective unconscious.

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