At the Paranormal and Metaphysical Wiki, occasionally an article will be found that is deserving of deletion. This page will clarify our deletion policy.



Problems that don't require deletion
Problem with page Solution Add this tag
A stub (but with potential)
Expand it! {{stub}}
Article resembles a dictionary article
Modify the introduction, "means", and other such phrases to improve the article. {{stub}} to improve it
Such a minor branch of a subject that it doesn't deserve an article
Merge the useful content into a more comprehensive article and redirect. {{mergeto¦article}}
Article duplicates information in some other article
Merge and redirect.

If you can't figure out how to perform the merger, tag it and list on Proposed mergers.

Article needs improvement
List on Cleanup. {{cleanup}}.
Article needs a lot of improvement List on Pages needing attention. {{attention}}
Article is biased or has lots of POV
List on Pages needing attention. {{npov}} or {{POV check}}
Dispute over article content
List on Requests for comment. {{disputed}}
Two subjects have the same name
Make a disambiguation page. {{disambig}}
Inappropriate user page Talk to the user.

If that doesn't work, come back here.

Vandalism or inaccuracy
Revert it.

Mention it on Vandalism in progress if appropriate.

Annoying or incivil user Stay cool.

Add user to Requests for comment if necessary.

Add {{civil1}} or {{civil2}}
Any problem with a community-accepted policy or guideline page, including m:instruction creep. Make the proposal on the talk page, seek comment in community discussion areas.

Deletion of Articles

Problems that may require deletion
Problem with page Solution Add this tag
  • Is not suitable for Paranormal and Metaphysical Wiki
  • Vanity page
  • Advertising or other spam
  • Hoax (not an article about a hoax)
  • Completely idiosyncratic non-topic
List on ParaWiki:Articles for deletion (PW:AFD). See AfD in 3 steps for instructions and tags.
* Inappropriate user pages in excessive or stubborn cases.
  • Wholly inappropriate pages in the project (Paranormal and Metaphysical Wiki:), Help:, MediaWiki:, Portal:, and various talk namespaces, where discussion, renaming, merging, or simple editing cannot resolve the problem.
List on ParaWiki:Articles for deletion. See ParaWiki:Articles for deletion for instructions and tags.
Article is possible copyright infringement
List on ParaWiki:Copyright problems. {{Template:copyvio}} or
Image is possible copyright infringement List on ParaWiki:Copyright problems. {{imagevio}} or
Image or other media needs deleting (but not because of copyright violation) List on ParaWiki:Images for deletion. See WP:IfD for instructions and tags.
A useless redirect
Don't worry; redirects are cheap.
A category scheme gone awry
List on ParaWiki:Categories for deletion. See WP:CfD for instructions and tags.
A redundant or misguided series box. List on ParaWiki:Templates for deletion. {{tfd}} (Put in the box itself.)
A redundant or misguided stub template or category. List on ParaWiki:Stub types for deletion. {{sfd-c}} for stub categories
{{sfd-t}} for stub templates
List on [[Category:Candidates for speedy deletion]].
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