Otherkin are individuals who feel that they are, in whole or in part, other than human. This may be in mind, body, or spirit/soul.

Categories of Otherkin

The majority of otherkin can fall into a few different categories, with partly to completely separate online and offline communities. These communities have people who are in other communities as well as people who better meet the qualifications of another community but prefer one because of its atmosphere or general content.

Major categories of Otherkin include:


A person's kin-type is the type of non-human being they feel they are (ex. elf, dragon, etc.). It is possible for a person to have more than one kin-type, and this is in fact not rare. Such people are often referred to as polykin or hybrid kin. In the therian community, one's animal kin-type is referred to as theriotype, and a person with more than one theriotype is referred to as a polywere or polytherian.

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