Noseferatu is a rare type of Vampire.


Noseferatu are usually very ugly. They have puny, deformed noses, round faces, and wide eyes. They also have visible fangs and bald heads. Their usually cloked in black, because they are weakest to the sun and wish to hide their ugliness. They have horrid breath, B.O., and speak in a hoarse, raspy whisper. They also have extremely long fingernails. They aren't as pale as the other breeds of Vampire, but still pale.


Unlike most Vampires, a Noseferatu is fairly weak.

  • Immortality - A Noseferatu has the longest life of any Vampire, being 2,027 years at most.
  • Ability to turn into a bat.
  • Extreme sense of smell.
  • Can hypnotize people to a minimum.


  • Wooden Stake - A wooden stake through the heart kills a Noseferatu.
  • Sunlight - Sunlight kills Noseferatu's easily.
  • Cross - A cross weakens a Noseferatu.
  • Asprin and tailinal - These can kill and weaken a Noseferatu.
  • Blood Rose Thorn - A Blood Rose Thorn kills Noseferatu.
  • No reflection - Noseferatu have no reflection.
  • Cannot cross running water.
  • Holy Water - Holy Water burns Noseferatu.

How to Become a Noseferatu

A Noseferatu is simple to become. You must contract three human diseses (usually rabies, the flu, and diabetes/cancer/the common cold/polycythemia vera), then drink the blood of a vampire, bat, snake, or human with Vamprisim. The diseses cause your body to mutate, coupled with the powers obtained by the blood.

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