Micro Psychokinesis, or Micro PK as it is known, is a skill involving the use of Psychokinesis to affect the odds of something. For example, willing a dice roll to come to a specific number, or affecting any other random number generator (a spinner, for example). One of the less known skills. It is a good place to start if you are planning on getting into Psychokinesis.

The chief difference between Micro PK and Psychokinesis is the fact that to actually examine whether or not someone is utilizing Micro PK to affect thins is with actual statistical evaluation. Although there has been an abundance of research done in the field of micro-PK, the most effective way to truly determine this phenomena is through different statistical evaluations and experiments. Most of these experiments performed are usually done with instruments that involve using magnetic fields, or machines that have electrically charged generators. These types of machines have been proven to be the most effective instruments used in the field of micro-PK.

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