The Man-Wolf is often assosiated with werewolves. Why? Because they are rare, and usually hard to spot because of this. But the main difference is genetics. Werewolves came to be via a mutuation in their genes that can cause other humans or beings to also become werewolves if bitten. But man wolves came to be a totally different way. The man wolf actually starts its existence as a human being like you or me. Yet, the person sees themselfs as poor or not belonging or something like it anyways.But that feeling needs to be IMMENSLY strong for the transformation to even occur in the 1st place, if not no transformation. After transforming the creature tries to forget they were ever human at all. This means they'll eat raw meat, run on all fours, bark, etc... However, most cannot stomach raw meat, blood, or flesh. When they see their reflection they still see a sad, depressed, human face even if they are transformed. They are loners by day, and wolves by night. They have long, messy hair, a wild look in their eyes, and an all about scruffy look when in human form. In wolf form they appear as hulking wolves that stand 5 feet tall at the shoulders, their teeth are dirty, and their eyes blood red while in wolf form. They are very real creatures, that both fortunatly and unfortunatly most man believes is legend.


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